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Web Design and Development

I've been designing and developing for the web for nearly 15 years now. I've been lucky enough to work with a myriad of freelance clients in a wide range of industries. Brotzeit Lokal Biergarten, Acupucturist Tracy Zollinger, L. Ac., Downtown Subaru/Toyota, Stockton Scion, Coast Construction, and Sherms Plating are some that quickly come to mind. In addition to those projects I've also been the sole developer of the two websites for my own record label and physical distributor n5MD. Previously as a team member, I have worked at mPower as a web production specialist for 30+ co-branded sites, Webentory as webmaster of nearly 100 car dealer and auto industry websites, and for my start at (the original) Gazelle.com as a web producer back in the days of the dot-com bubble.

Brotzeit Lokal

Dev / Design / Photos - Wordpress

Coast Construction

Dev / Design - Static


Dev / Design - Zen Cart

Tracy Zollinger L.Ac.

Dev / Design - Wordpress


Dev / Design - Custom Dynamic PHP/MySQL

Dancing Otter

Dev / Design - Custom PHP

Print Design

For nearly 15 years now I has been designing packaging. While my focus as of late has been on CD and album packaging, I've also over the years designed invitations, thank you cards, and candy boxes. I've also worked with design clients as varied as Dutch electronic music duo Funckarma, aircraft repair station Host Section Technologies, video production company Minimumwage Entertainment, and creative metal fabricator Ferrum Creative Fabrication in developing their corporate identity. In addition I've been lucky enough to have developed seamless working relationships with several print service bureaus to make sure the designs are in the correct hands for production.

All that is solid melts in to air

Photos / Design


Photos / Design


Photos / Design

States Of Space

Design / Bindry

Hot Section Technologies

Identity / Design

Acht LP

Layout / Design

The Tech Stuff


Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Aptana / Coda

Languages / Libraries

HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / jQuery

Frameworks / Scripting

Wordpress / Zencart / Bootstrap / Parallax

As a self taught developer I started with a fairly limited skill-set. Over time that skill-set has morphed and grown as my needs and interests expanded. From my first gig forward I've tried my best to keep an eye on modern trends, markup enhancements, and browser limitations. My very first gig was a website that I built for free so I could learn HTML. I still thank that guy to this day for the opportunity and still get that same feeling of satisfaction when I solve a dev challenge or learn something new. One of my most recent development challenges was making an HTML5 audio player fallback for iOS. It ended up working so well that the fallback is now the original flash player for browsers that don't support the specific media type used by the site.

A little More About Me

When I do have free time I enjoy making music. Some of my friends have even insisted that I NEED to make it and deep down I know they are probably right. I am also the head engineer for virtual mastering studio 37n122w. I enjoy good fresh food and often cook for my family and friends. Often items that have been grown in our family garden. I don't own a car but I do ride a fixie. I (still) have not finished watching Breaking Bad so please, no spoilers. I've been fortunate enough to have had some very interesting yet rewarding jobs prior to becoming a developer / designer. I've been an ice cream maker, chocolatier and general manager of a boutique candy manufacturing / retail shop. My very first job was in the bindery department of a print shop. While it may seem a bit of a stretch as I'm now more or less considered a creative professional, I've been able to take skills from those prior careers and use them in my current day to day pursuits.


Mike Cadoo - 4096 Piedmont Ave #551 - Oakland CA 94611 - 510.589.5789