The quiet. Is good?

Posted on October 2nd, 2016

This poor website. More an archive than an active place for people to visit to get the latest tunes and news. I’d blame social media but I’ve been ignoring that just as much recently. So, I’m posting here now to assure you that my silence has not been in vain. My family and n5MD has kept me extremely busy. Both of which are and have been extremely rewarding. So my musical silence has been traded for other pleasures.

So, there IS a Dryft album in the works, which was initially named e00 (more for my ease of keeping track of the song versions). About 8 to 10 songs are in various stages of dress/undress (depending on your personal preference). It was my plan to have it completed by now but, as usual with me, any plans I have end up being railroaded by where “the spirit” takes me. Or, maybe its my [wait for it…..] emotions. I know some of you did an eye-roll there… You have all been so polite in letting me use the ‘E’ word so freely (thanks internets!).

Like early Dryft releases I’m finding that this one is more about instant gratification. For those that may be worried I could also take this project kicking and screaming out of its electronic roots (I know I took it a bit too close to early Bitcrush in some places) this one is about the swing, shuffle, (and more importantly) groove. “Electronic Bass music” for sure.

This yet to be officially named album will have a decent amount of, bass guitar. They’ve all had it sparingly, this time though a few of the tracks bass will take a lead role. I don’t think Peter Hook will mind.

I know you’d rather listen to the music than have me talk about it, so I’ll upload a new song for all of you to hear very very VERY soon.

In the meantime: (…I know you just heard Helmet in your head. It’s ok I did too.) I’ve really been on a Cure cover tare since I found out about Vanessa Van Basten punctuating their great run with 4 excellent covers from the Cure’s Disintegration. And while it has nothing to do with my this Dryft album status, I thought I’d share. Below are four renditions of Cure tracks that I’ve been enjoying lately…

C u all sooner than l8r

From Sinking

Posted on December 7th, 2015

Today, I humbly released a new 26 minute Bitcrush EP. I feel it may be one of the last of the “heavier” Bitcrush releases. I do know better to say for sure as only time will tell, however, tracks of these types are getting increasingly more difficult to complete. I appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy ‘From Sinking’.

Bandcamp also now has a discount for whole digital discographies so I’ve offered the entire Bitcrush discography at 20% off. Thats 9 releases for less than $60.

Bitcrush @ bandcamp

Posted on October 21st, 2015

Bitcrush now has a bandcamp page. I’ve posted remasters of Enarc, Epilogue in Waves and Shimmer and Fade. In addition to the other albums. I’ve also scoured through various hard drives, MiniDisics and CD backups and have found an albums worth of releasable rarity and demo material. That album is called Shipwrecked

2 for 2014

Posted on January 6th, 2015

This year turned out to be a great year in music. Lots of great genre collisions that really worked. I started and shared a 2014 playlist on spotify which you can follow/listen here. One thing I did find while looking back over the year is that a decent amount of music I enjoyed this year was only available via bandcamp. So below are what some may consider a few of the lesser known highlights of 2014: