B.Prof from The Blur Vent

Posted on April 18th, 2014

Dryft – The Blur Vent…. Soon.

Posted on March 27th, 2014

All The Ends You Wish To Conceive by m.cadoo

Posted on February 13th, 2014

Today, with little warning (or forethought) I’ve released the new m.cadoo EP All The Ends You Wish To Conceive via the m.cadoo bandcamp page. The EP features one song that clocks in at fourteen and a half minutes.

I’ve also placed Density up at at bandcamp. It can now be purchased there as well. Just name your price.

Top 10 releases of 2013

Posted on December 28th, 2013

My top releases of 2013 (sans-n5MD). In no particular order…

FKA Twigs – EP2

Twigs’ first EP was in my top ten for 2012. Now with the FKA preface she’s teamed up with producer Arca for a great EP of experimental neo-soul. While everyone was talking about Arca’s work for Kanye. They should have been watching out for little Twigs…

Paul Jebanasam – Rites

While there were a lot of albums this year in this style, Paul Jebanasam aced it with his manipulation of modern classical motifs to make an emotive release that’s tensely uneasy while somehow being uplifting at the right moments.

Rorcal – Vilagvege

Best doom/drone/black metal album of the year. Hands down. The sample above stands on its own but when coupled with the doom/drone track before it really shows this bands’ dexterity.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

BOC really reappeared out of nowhere. A record store day publicity stunt with mysterious website password info was how it began I think… I’ll be honest, a certain nervousness and aged apprehension set in the minute I hit ‘add to cart’ when ordering this album as I did on the weight of the “Reach for the Dead” Soundcloud sample. Such apprehension melted away when I dropped the needle. They’ve moved their signature sound into the here-n-now and thats a hard thing to do for a pioneering act that is now 20(?!) years into their career.

oOoOO – Without Your Love

Much in the Holy Other and Balam Acab stylistic camp of chillwave(y) “witchouse”, oOoOO’s Without Your Love is warbly, a bit wonky and features some really great discoloration. Think of your eleven most favorite Instagram pics put to music.

Russian Circles – Memorial

Russian Circles have been honing their craft for a while now and I think it is very fair to say that Memorial is their apex. While I hope that is not the case, if they do top this album, they will be in the running as band of the decade. Some of the finest metallic edged post-rock period.

John Hopkins – Immunity

Yep. John Hopkins crushed it with Immunity. I remember hearing Open Eye Signal for the first time and thought to myself: “you’ve gone and rightfully mashed it ALL together”. I’m not so sure I even know what that means but Immunity is a damn fine slice of electronic music that the chin-scratchers and floor-fillers can all agree on.

Field Rotation – Fatalist: The Repetition of History

Fatalist : The Repetition of History I think is a nice listening companion to Paul Jebanasam’s Rites. It falls somewhere between the cracks of experimental, classical, electro-acoustic and glacial-ambient.

Beacon – The Ways We Separate

Androgynously ambiguous electronic pop with a melancholic heart. Can I say that with a straight face? Probably not. But I really do enjoy this album and found it nice background music for small gatherings where Mr. Hopkins would’ve been over the top.

Rafael Anton Irisarri – The Unintentional Sea

OK, So this Irisarri guy…We know him to be The Sight Below and he’s also got a couple other “modern composition” albums under his name. This one, his second album for Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint, is in my opinion the shinning star in his body of work. I really do hope that he concentrates his efforts in this direction moving forward. The first comment on this track @ soundcloud is “Words fail.” I agree. Talking about this album is moot. You just gotta let it take over.

Collapse on Bandcamp

Posted on September 27th, 2013

I’ve started to upload n5MD releases to Bandcamp. Collapse is one of them…

My best for 2012

Posted on December 29th, 2012

My top releases of 2012 (sans-n5MD). In no particular order…

Stumbleine – Ghosting

2012 could be known as the year of Stumbleine. There were about 2 mini albums, 1 EP and a proper full-length on Monotreme this year. While his debut album is very good [the] Ghosting (EP?) really had a stronger impact on me. Also check out his cover of Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees from his ‘The Night Before’ EP.

Leitbur – Footsteps

LAs Leitbur dropped some very emotive pop this year.

Wife – Stoic

Altar Of Plagues main man James Kelly fires shots at the broken down hull of dubstep and hits a bullseye. Sometimes the best new music comes from the least expected places.

Twigs – s/t ep

This is a more recent release that caught my attention rather quickly upon hearing it. Minimal yet dense, soulful yet cold. It shouldn’t make musical or emotional sense but it does and ten fold. Pitchfork says “ominous undertones of Tricky’s classic debut, Maxinquaye”. Yeah..uh..no…don’t listen to them…

Holy Other – Held

We all waited for this album to drop. It did and it was even better than expected. Dude even sampled Mogwai’s ‘Two Wrongs…’!

Hammock – Departure Songs

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in Hammock’s lush aural ground cover…consider the stone now turned…

Observer Drift – Corridors

To quote his bandcamp page: “Im am unsigned -My name is Collin Ward. -I record music in my bedroom and in my basement. -I work at a pizza shop and I go to community college. -I write all kinds of different sounding music and I love experimenting with new sounds and ideas.”

Knox – Here

Knox is a brother-sister duo. Their soundcloud page says they are in Brooklyn/Boston. Not sure what to do with that info but I do know they are a duo to watch. You can check out a live studio video of the track ‘here’..uh..here.

Snow In Mexico – Prodigal Summer

Whats with all the EPs?! Their previous release on Self Storage caught my attention so I was keeping my eye out for anything more from this Italian duo. Why hasn’t Claire or Darla picked them up yet?

Bersarin Quartett – II

The second album was/is every bit of good as the first. High quality ultra wide-screen cinematic electronic music.

The mentions:
rituals – S/t
bvdub – serenity
ghosting season – the very last of the saints
jayyeah – subconscious
jkflesh – posthuman
kane ikin – sublunar

Demo of a new Dryft track

Posted on December 29th, 2012

Collapse Reviews

Posted on December 6th, 2012

A few reviews for Collapse are in:

With no credits listed, one assumes that Cadoo plays everything and thus comes away impressed at how convincing a simulation he’s able to effect of a live trio. If the drumming is programmed, that too is impressive as it certainly comes across like live kit playing.

- complete review @ textura

The emotive push-pull effect of Collapse is very much intact from start to end as strings and drums are effortlessly pushed to extreme levels—a milestone that sets the bar to a higher elevation.

- complete review @ igloomag

Bitcrush has been working out and the result is a beefed up, confident album not to be fucked with.

- complete review @ [sic]mag

New directions abound…

Posted on October 25th, 2012

When taking stock of the skeletal structures of the next Dryft album that I am currently hard at work on, one common thread became apparent: A change-up into slower more murky territory… Here is the title track “Like Falling”…

Dryft live

Posted on October 6th, 2012

The show with port-royal and another electronic musician went well. I had a lot of fun playing as Dryft (for the first time). I met a lot of great people that had a lot of nice things to say about Dryft (and of course… gridlock). port-royal and another electronic musician were great to see live!

For those that may be wondering I also played a few tracks not from the dryft discography. The setlist:

slalom / knives as gifts (extended) / dibt2e / recalcify / moulin / colder / sever / under

There is an audio archive of the show at DNA Lounge’s site for a few more days. Thanks to everyone that came out. I think this sort of thing might happen more frequently due to all your support.